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Western Australia is naturally free from a large number of pests and diseases that are present in many other parts of the world.  This is partially due to our geographical isolation as well as strong regulatory controls and industry awareness and commitment.  WA pork producers are motivated to ensure that nothing compromises our enviable pest and disease-free status as it provides a strong competitive market advantage.   Swill feeding (feeding food scraps) to pigs is illegal in Australia because it could result in the introduction of devastating livestock diseases.  For more information on what is prohibited and what is allowable visit https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/livestock




WAPPA members Deb and Stephen Hoffrichter from Shark Lake Piggery in Esperance have taken out top honours in Australian Pork Limited 'Steak Your Claim' competition.  Their meat was commended for having excellent marbling, being bright and beautiful when raw and having a great flavour profile, excellent juiciness and being an al-dente style pork.

'We have worked hard on quality improvement, invested more than $2 million dollars in the last few years and worked closely with our stock providers,” Mr Hoffrichter said.

“It’s really great to have our efforts rewarded in this way.” 

Western Australia put in a strong performance.  Linton Batt of Butcher's Block came 3rd whilst Linley Valley Pork came 4th and 5th.


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