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The West Australian Pork Producers Association (Inc) (WAPPA) promotes and safeguards the interests of Western Australian pork producers. We make representation to all tiers of government and other non-government stakeholders on issues that will enhance the ability of the industry to meet its obligations, be productive and continue to grow its reputation with consumers and the community as responsible livestock producers.

The WA pork industry’s strategic goals are:
- Increase consumption of fresh pork;
- Increase productivity (increase skilled labour through importation and training);
- Reduce costs across the supply chain; and
- Develop and grow export markets for pork products.

In its day to day operations the industry comes into contact with laws, regulations, by-laws, codes of practice and policies across all sectors of government and in many different disciplines. Regulation relating to the environment, planning, labour relations, water, immigration, animal welfare, bio- security and health and safety feature prominently.

WAPPA is funded by a grant from the Agricultural Produce Commission. A Committee of Management oversees the affairs of the Association. A part time Executive Officer manages the day to day operations..

2023-24 Executive Committee

President              Mr Linton Batt

Vice President      Mr Graeme Dent

Treasurer             Ms Emalyn Loudon

Member                Mr Dawson Bradford

Member                Mr Dean Romaniello

Member               Mr Tim Wyatt

Executive Officer  Jan Cooper

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